Central Alberta Seminar

Two weeks ago I did my first Wealth Building Secrets Seminar just outside of the Detroit Area. During the seminar I spoke about how much is enough, the power of budgeting, and the seriousness of debt, and how to get out of it. With the use of many visual aids, many people came away with a deeper understanding of God’s purpose for money in their life. Jenny* commented, “I never realized the spiritual and financial consequences of debt.” Robert* said, “I am coming a way with a determination to stay out of debt.”

Detroit Michigan Seminar
The next Seminar coming up will be Febraury 23-25 where I will be speaking just outside of Detroit Michigan. Please send me an email if you are interested in more information about attending this seminar.

Perhaps your church and community will be next. Contact Pastor Jonathan if you are interested in a seminar in your community.

Book Release

The soft cover book is available on amazon, and if you live in central Alberta it is coming to a Christian book store near you.

*The names in this post were changed.

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