The Good Samaritan Meets the Little Engine that Could

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I have two children, Heidi is 5 and Eric is almost 3, one of my favourite times as a father is sitting down and reading stories to them. I read them a classic that I remember reading as a kid. “The Little Engine That Could.” If you are unfamiliar with the story it is as follows. A train full of treats, toys, and healthy food for boys and girls were heading for the town over the mountain. But before they could get over the mountain the engine that was pulling them stalled out and stopped. The silly little clown goes to several engines to get help. Each of them had an excuse on why they couldn’t help. I can’t help said one engine – I pull passenger cars. Another has an excuse, I can’t help because I pull cars full of books and important things for adults. The third engine said, I can’t because I am old and tired. Just when they are about to give up, the Little engine that could shows up. While she was the smallest and the most unlikely person to help, she helps even though she doesn’t know if she could. As she goes up the mountain, she says those memorable words, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

In many ways it sounds like the Parable Christ told of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37. A guy was beaten up, and needed medical attention. But two people passed, and didn’t help, a priest, and a Levite, each one justified in their own mind for not meeting a need. Sounds similar to the story of the little engine that could? It was only when the outcast of society, the least likely to come and help, the Samaritan or that small little engine, that changes the story, and the outcome for the better.

What do these two stories have to do with building financial wealth?
Know your why: There was a motivating force for being able to face rejection, whenever you will try to change your financial situation there will be many people that try to distract you. They may feel jealous that you would even think about attempting financial freedom. If you find your friends and family trying to distract you from your goal, you need to find other friends to hang around with. When you have 9 broke friends, you are going to be number 10.

A psychological study was done once with monkeys. And while I don’t believe we came from monkeys, I kind of think we act like monkeys sometimes. In the study there was a group of monkeys and they put bananas in the cage. It is a natural thing for monkeys to go for bananas. The scientists started giving an electric shock to each monkey that tried to touch the bananas. Eventually if a monkey would try to even come close to the bananas the other monkeys would jump on their case and chatter and jump on them to make sure they wouldn’t even attempt it. Slowly each of the original monkeys was replaced one by one with a new monkey who had never known the electric shock. Soon there were none of the original monkeys that had experienced the electric shock but each monkey was convinced because of what they had been told that they would receive a shock if they touched the banana. What is the banana or the prize in your life? Maybe you have been told, you can’t get ahead, that wealthy people are all evil, maybe you have been told that you can’t get out of the rat race. These are lies.

Never Give Up:

Time and time again the little clown reached out to try to get help. And time and again he got rejected. But he continued to keep after it. The man who was injured kept calling out for help, until he got the help he needed.

Never give up my friend, maybe it is starting a business, if one fails, start another one. Maybe you are trying to save for an emergency fund, but the more you try to save, the more emergencies you have that depletes your savings. Don’t give up. Keep pushing forward.

Today I want to challenge you, Have a big enough why to face your fears, and your goals. And to never give up, no matter what you face.




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